EZ-Squeeze & Slide Tablet Containers

Unique and Distinct Patented Plastic Tablet Containers with a Squeeze & Slide Child-Resistant, Senior-Friendly Closure

Pre-Assembled* Front and Side Dispensing Designs are Easy-to-Fill Using Any of the Funnels Listed!

    Design Options:
  • Side-Dispensing
  • Front-Dispensing
  • Foil/Blister Pack

Child-Resistant & Senior-Friendly

Description Product No. Size Material
CR/SF Squeeze-Open Containers BS1012 Various PP
Flower Funnel 20045 0.98 inch Diameter x 1.5 inch PP
Funnel 20057 1.2 inch Diameter x 1.55 inch PP
Funnel 20058 1.2 inch Diameter x 1.55 inch PP

*Can be purchased pre-assembled or unassembled with easy snap together design after filling.
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